This two-volume set contains over 450 high-resolution photorealistic bump texture patterns, mostly tilable and ready to use in real time 3-D simulation, modeling and animation, architectural design, and web graphics. Each TIFF pattern consists of a color map and a bump map in the fourth channel. A specially formatted file is included for each pattern that is compatible with NVIDIA's CG Shaders. In the case of billboard objects, such as trees, a separate file is included with an alpha channel that defines the transparency. Also included in the Bump Texture Library are samples of ocean wave patterns representing low, medium, and high seas, and helicopter rotor downwash images with or without foam. Some animation sequences of ocean waves and helicopter rotor downwash are included as well.

Bump map patterns add an intricate 3-D look to otherwise simple geometry, such as the organic properties of rock, the many windows and architectural patterns in an office building, or the waves in ocean water that sparkle from the sunlight. Traditionally, artists use a monochrome image, pretending that the brightest area is the highest and the darkest area the lowest. Other options are to use the brush tools in bitmap editing programs to paint on a bumpy surface. While these techniques may produce some interesting results, they often come up quite short compared to the powerful potential of true bump maps. For this reason, CGSD Corporation has developed Bump Texture Tools, a special set of Adobe Photoshop™ plug-ins designed to calculate bump maps from real world information. This technology was used to produce many of the maps for the Bump Texture Library. The results are hundreds of diverse patterns that can help produce stunning 3-D worlds without that painted computerized look.

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