Mtn. View Tour: Shoreline Park

Shoreline Park

Still further north on Amphitheater, the road enters Shoreline Park. The park is quite a contrast to the wall-to-wall development of most of the rest of Mountain View. Continuing into the park there is Michael's restaurant

Micheal's restaurant is in the distance behind this Shoreline cycle path.

by a golf course, the historic Rengstorff House

Rengstorff House.: anything in Silicon Valley more than fifty years old is historic.

and further still there is an outdoor cafe, the Shoreline, by a lake that rents sailboats. Either Michael's or the Shoreline is a good place to enjoy a lunch away from business. They both provide informal California cuisine - in fact if you are not sure what California cuisine is, these places will teach you by example.

Boat rentals are made in this building.

Cafe seating affords a view of the lake.

What might be a religious structure is in fact a shower.

The mountains in the west are those of which Mountain View has a view.

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