CGSD Corporation
Press Releases

November 5, 2002
CGSD Releases Upright!", a Photoshop Plug-in For Automatic Image Alignment

April 9, 2001
New Personal Display Sharpens View of Cyberspace

March 29, 2001
CGSD's Bump Map Texture Tools

November 30, 1998
Terrex and CGSD Push 3D Modeling Envelope with Automatic Culture Generation

August 8, 1999
CGSD Debuts ARES Augmented Reality System at SIGGRAPH

CGSD's E-Town!" Models for Real-Time Applications
New Rugged CGSD Adapter with SONY HMD Bring High-Quality Virtual Reality to the Mall, or to Military Training

CGSD Demonstrates Virtual Reality Driving Simulator

August 9, 1999
CGSD chooses Audition, by CD2, as their real time model viewer

August 19, 1999
TerraSim Includes CGSD Real Textures (R) in TerraTools(R) 1.1: New Realism in Computer Graphics Terrain Models

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