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CGSD's E-Town™ 3D Building Models for Real-Time Applications

SIGGRAPH, Los Angeles, California, August 8, 1999 -- At SIGGRAPH, the world’s biggest computer graphics conference, CGSD [booth 905] will show E-Town™ for the first time. The E-Town Building Library is the first in a series of libraries of buildings and other structures ready to use in visual simulation, virtual reality, games, urban planning and visualization, flight simulation, and other interactive simulations. E-Town Building Library is a set of 100 three-dimensional computer models of residential, industrial, and public buildings, water towers, electrical transmission towers, and landscaping elements.

The E-Town Building Library includes models with varying levels-of-details for each structure, typically four versions of each model ranging from about 20 to up to 400 polygons. The high resolution versions include such details as steps, porches with railings, and surrounding bushes and trees. There are a dozen different basic styles of residence, with varying sizes and building materials. There are also many other types of buildings and variations, enabling the developer of a custom simulation to quickly, easily, and inexpensively create whole cities.

The E-Town library includes 100 models at a cost $1795, less than $20 each. Multi-resolution models offered elsewhere in the industry have sold for $500 apiece and more, so E-Town represents a terrific saving. E-Town is provided on CD-ROM with compatible texture patterns for each resolution. The models are in the popular OpenFLIGHT™ file format, and the highest resolution model is provided in 3D Studio™ format as well. The models can easily be translated to other formats and modified by the user if desired. The licensing agreement allows users to distribute the databases they construct with the models without additional royalties. E-Town is available directly from CGSD.

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