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CGSD Releases RealTexture[tm] Bump Texture Tools

Mountain View, California, March 30, 2001 -- Computer Graphics Systems Development (CGSD) Corporation today released a new software product designed to help computer artists achieve high standards of realism in graphics images. The RealTexture Bump Texture Tools are plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop[tm] for preparing bump textures. Bump textures capture the properties of rough surfaces so that the surfaces look natural when viewed under varying lighting conditions in computer imagery. Applications include computer animation, graphic arts, PC and video games, and training simulation.

Capabilities for using bump texture have been in animation programs for some time, but have only recently appeared in the graphics accelerators used for real time interaction on PCs. While the capabilities for using bump textures have been advancing, the methods for preparing the patterns have remained a labor intensive barrier to using the capabilities.

The Bump Texture Tools improve both the speed and accuracy of pattern preparation. Users provide a photographic image as input, and the Bump Texture Tools deduce the location of surface variations from the shading patterns in the image. Providing multiple photographs taken under different lighting conditions allows the Bump Texture Tools to resolve difficult cases in which the subject has a strong color pattern on its surface in addition to bump variation. The shading variations can be removed from the image, so that the bump texture will be correctly shaded in arbitrary lighting. A separate tool in the set allows users to preview results, and allows touch ups in Photoshop.

CGSD President Roy Latham commented, The RealTexture Bump Texture Tools cannot automatically resolve every case of shadowed surfaces, but it is such a step up from past ad hoc techniques that we are likely to see a dramatic increase in the use of bump mapping, especially in games.

The RealTexture Bump Texture Tools are available for immediate delivery for $495 from the company web site,  The Bump Texture Tools are well paired with CGSDs RealTexture Tools, a plug-in package for producing seamless color textures.

CGSD is a privately held company in Mountain View, CA, specializing in the development of virtual reality and simulation training systems.  Founded in 1990, the company offers products and services related to simulation, including consulting and full custom systems, as well as hardware and software system components.

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