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New Personal Display Sharpens View of Cyberspace

Mountain View, California, April 9, 2001. Remember virtual reality? The promise was that users would explore grand and imaginative personal worlds built by computers and viewed by displays worn like eyeglasses. The virtual reality concept tarnished quickly as users discovered that personal displays more often harbored dim headache-provoking fuzzy images rather than inspirational brilliantly colorful ones.

Now technology has caught up with the VR hype. A personal mobile display called the Cy-Visor [tm] from Seoul, Korea-based Daeyang E & C is lightweight and provides bright, colorful images.  A person wearing the display sees an image is if it were about 44 inches across and six and a half feet distant.  The breakthrough, however, is the resolution. Past affordable personal displays were typically about one-third the resolution of television, whereas the Daeyang is more than twice the resolution of a standard TV.

The extra sharpness not only provides ample fidelity for television and DVDs, but also provides computer screen sharpness for PC games, web surfing, and even e-mail.  The practical advantage is that personal display provides the equivalent of wide screen viewing in a small place, while affording privacy to the user and peaceful coexistence with others in the same room.

Applications for the display are found where ever space is at a premium. For example, medical personnel needing to review computer data may find a personal display more convenient than a conventional large screen CRT. The same is true of maintenance personal working at heights or in cramped quarters.

The Cy-Visor is compatible with television, S-VHS video, and SVGA (600 x 800) computer video from a PC. It has stereo earplugs built-in, and may be powered directly or with an optional battery. The unit costs $995 from U.S. distributor CGSD Corporation,, 650-903-4920.

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