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TerraSim Includes CGSD Real Textures [tm] in TerraTools(R) 1.1: New Realism in Computer Graphics Terrain Models

August 19, 1999, TerraSim, Inc., and Computer Graphics Systems Development (CGSD) Corporation, Mountain View, CA, have jointly announced the inclusion of over 400 texture patterns from CGSD's Real Texture Library in TerraTools(R) Version 1.1.  TerraTools is a flexible simulation database construction package that automatically builds three-dimensional high fidelity models of terrain and urban features.  These virtual worlds are employed in applications ranging from urban planning to military training.  TerraTools 1.1 automatically applies texture patterns from the CGSD library based upon user-defined attributes, using a convenient appearance editor to dramatically increase the realism of the modelled world.  Combined with the ability to import 2D building footprints in a variety of popular GIS data formats and automatically create 3D building models with roof topology, this approach provides an easy-to-use method for creating highly realistic urban landscapes.

The Real Texture Library patterns are all derived from photographs of the real world, including custom kite aerial photographs, that are color-corrected and categorized for use by computer.  The original Real Texture effort was sponsored by a research grant from the U.S. Army Topographic Engineering Center, and won a coveted Quality Award from the Army Science Board.

TerraTools 1.1 automatically selects and applies textures representing different types of soils, vegetation, building materials, and other surfaces.  TerraSim president David McKeown commented, "Our engineers were really enthusiastic about incorporating the Real Textures in our product.  CGSD's textures add an extra level of visual realism to our industry-leading triangulated terrain skins and urban models."  CGSD president Roy Latham added, "TerraSim is really pressing the technology of making realistic and highly accurate geospatial databases using detailed cartographic source data. We are gratified to have been selected for inclusion in their TerraTools product."

TerraSim is a privately held company in Pittsburgh, PA, providing services and tools for advanced visual simulation database construction using cartographic data. Their main product, TerraTools, has been used in the fully automated construction of several visual simulation databases covering thousands of square kilometers.  TerraSim also provides database construction services for military and civilian customers.

CGSD is a privately held company in Mountain View, CA, specializing in the development of virtual reality and simulation training systems.  Company products include full custom systems as well as hardware and software system components. Founded in 1990, CGSD has provided products and services to government agencies in the US and internationally; to major aerospace, industrial, and entertainment companies; and to high tech start-up companies.


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