SEOS Ultra Wide Field-of-View

Head Mounted Display


The SEOS HMD 120/40 provides a stunning 120 degree x 67 degree field of view for true immersive virtual reality systems. Left and right 1280 x 1024 images are displayed with a central 40 degree stereo overlap. The display is ideally suited to driving simulation, flight simulation, individual soldier training, and all applications in which a wide field-of-view is important.

SEOS HMD 120/40 incorporates a patented new catadioptric eyepiece that is not conventionally refractive. The result is a large pupil, providing high tolerance to eyeball movement without losing regions of the field of view. The wide range of optical correction (+/- 4 diopter) accommodates most eye-glass wearers. The image distance can be varied from collimated to 0.25m by the use of the eyepiece focus adjuster.

SEOS HMD 120/40 looks boxy, but it is lightweight and very comfortable to wear. A patented mounting method provides for conforming to head shapes. There is no need to lean forward or backward.

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SEOS HMD 120/40 Core Specifications:

SEOS HMD viewed from rear

SEOS HMD side view

These photographs show the HMD with the head mounting strap assembly removed.

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Price: US$70,000. California Residents add 8.25% sales tax. Head tracker extra.
Shipping and customs fees are extra.

SEOS is located in the United Kingdom and is a recognized leader in the field of high performance display systems.  They are ISO 9001 certified and recipient of a Queens Award for Enterprise in Internation Trade for 2002.

CGSD is a SEOS-authorized sales agent for the HMD 120/40 in the United States. Please contact CGSD for further information, to arrange a demonstration, or  to order.

Ordering Information:

Phone: 650-903-4920

Fax: 650-967-5252


Mail: CGSD Corp., 2483 Old Middlefield Way, Suite 140, Mountain View, CA 94043-2330

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