Head Mounted Display Systems

We now sell the remarkable ultra wide field of view SEOS HMD 120/40, as well as the i-glasses series of HMD produced by I-O displays. 

The i-glasses products feature 600 x 800 (SVGA) resolution. The display is bright, sharp, and has saturated colors. There are different versions of the display that provide mono and stereo viewing, versions for computer input and for television video input. There is also a special version with extra high contrast.

The SEOS HMD 120/40 is the solution for applications requiring a wide field of view. The system is driven by two 1280 x 1024 video channels providing a total 120 degree field-of-view with a central 40 stereo overlap. The vertical field-of-view is 67 degrees. Based on reflective LCD technology, the headset looks a bit boxy, but it is actually light weight (under a kilogram) and well balanced for comfortable use.

i-glasses series

HMD 120/40

Old Sony Glasstron
note: For reference only!  Sony products have been discontinued by the manufacturer and are not available.

View the Head-Mounted Display Survey Issue of Real Time Graphics
August 2001 issue of Real Time Graphics with the HMD survey in Adobe Acrobat


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