i-glasses PC HR

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i-glasses PC HR

The i-glasses PC HR have a resolution of 800 x 600 with stereo sound through built-in headphones. The i-glasses SVGA is plug and play, and is compatible with virtually all computer systems including laptops and even some popular PDAs. Images are sharp and clear.

We sell the i-glasses PC HR for US$850. The i-glasses is fully compatible with computer SVGA output video, so it can be driven by virtually any source that can drive a 600 x 800 computer monitor. This means that you will be able use the same display to do e-mail or surf the web. Compare the low versus high resolutions. The i-glasses SVGAPro is similar to the PC HR but features a special high contrast design that makes it especially well suited for outdoor use and other demanding applications.  We sell the i-glasses SVGAPro for US$1150.

Please state if you prefer the European power supply rather than the standard US/Japan power supply.  Please order by post, phone, fax or e-mail to the address below.  We accept AMEX, VISA, M/C, bank transfers, and checks (which must clear).  We ship worldwide. Air shipping and handling is $30 domestic, $60 international. Any applicable taxes or customs duties are extra.


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