The Photoshop Plug-in for faster and better alignment of images to picture edges

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Quite often, photographers need to quickly get in and out of a shoot without the luxury of time to set up a heavy tripod and align it to the horizon. Photo editing programs have come a long way recently in allowing for these corrections on the desktop. Unfortunately, however, they have not provided an accurate measuring tool that gives users the input needed to refine miss-aligned images. The digital artist must spend valuable time in making a series of hit-and-miss guesses in the post production process.

Upright is an Adobe Photoshop™ plug-in that has been developed to help properly orientate an image so that its horizon appears straight. The tool works best with images containing perpendicular building walls or horizons. The user selects an area that contains a line or edge in the image, like the horizon or flag pole. The software will look at the region of pixels to determine a pattern that makes up a line. After a calculation, the image will be automatically rotated, at which the selected area appears straight.

Here are examples of Upright in action.

Example 1 shows correction of a fairly large misalignment.
Example 2 is more subtle.

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System Requirements:
Windows98/NT4.0 or later
Adobe Photoshop 5.0 or later
or Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 or later

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Download installation instructions

  1. Click the Download icon above (1.38MB).
  2. When prompted, save the file into a temporary directory.
  3. Go to the temporary directory and click on the self-extracting file, Upright.exe.
  4. Extract Setup.exe and the Owners Manual into a directory.
  5. Click on the Setup.exe file from that directory.
  6. When prompted, enter either the 10-day trail code posted above, or permanent code received if the product was purchased.


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