Benchmarking Software for Image Generators

CGSD is pleased to share its Image Generator benchmarking software. The software is written using the GL libraries for SGI. The software determines the polygons overwrite capacity and the pixel fill rate by filling the screen with adjacent non-overlapping polygons. Any number of polygons can be specified, provided that the number is a factor of two or five. The software computes polygons per frame, time per frame, pixels per polygon, and pixels per second with various options listed below:
	- Flat shading
	- Clippping
	- Depth cueing
	- Transparency
	- No Zbuffering
	- 8bit texture mapping
	- 32bit texture mapping
	- Gouraud shading (default)
There is also an antialiasing option. However, it won't do any antialiasing unless you have a Reality Engine with at least 2 Raster Managers.


Coming Soon. The Benchmarking Information for the Reality Engine 2 and Inifite Reality Engine.