Oakland Chinatown Markets

Oakland's Chinatown has much charm. It benefits from not having the tourist traffic of San Francisco's Chinatown. In San Francisco there are great restaurants, but it is hit and miss, because a restaurant that looks good can survive without repeat business. Not so in Oakland, where business must rely on local patronage.  Click on the images to see larger versions.
These pictures were taken one Saturaday morning as we walked around before the dim-sum restaurants opened.  Tin's Teahouse and Jade Palace open around 10:00.
In the morning, produce is unloaded for the sidewalk markets.
Lotus root for sale, in the shady side of the street.
Bitter melon, across the street in the sun. For tasty soup.
Persimmons can be delicious, if they are ripe. A ripening trick is to wrap them tight in plastic wrap and put them in the oven set to the lowest setting.  Crack the oven door open, and let them warm for an hour or so. This removed the astringency.
Not too may shops were open besides the produce markets.
Oranges grown in very warm climates stay green outside, even when they are ripe. Some oranges are died orange, but these look natural.
Red onions are sweet. Onions have lots of sugar in them.
Yellow peppers are a relatively new thing. Some say they taste the same as green peppers, but I think they are not quite as grassy.
What are these roots?  I forget.
After all these vegetables, it is time to look for the main course.

 Squid, cooked in an orange-colored sauce. The sauce actually doesn't add much flavor. The market will cleave it into rubbery chunks, so you can have a nice box of squid to snack on.

Money is flowing into Oakland Chinatown, some from Hong Kong. New apartment buildings and modern shopping plazas are joining the traditional street scene.

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