Dictionary of Computer Graphics
and Virtual Reality - Samples

superblack n. : In a video signal, a voltage level below that used for normal black image video, used for color keying. Also, adj. : having a level corresponding to superblack.

superblock n. : In UNIX, a data structure that holds the basic parameters of the file system.

supercase n. : In typesetting, a set of characters, usually special symbols, that are neither upper nor lower case and are accessed by a reserved super-shift code. Also, adj. : being in the supercase character set.

superquadric n. : A generalization of quadric surfaces formed as the spherical product surface of two superconics. Includes, for example, a superellipsoid, in which the smoothness of the surface may be adjusted from a conventional ellipsoidal shape to a rectangular box shape. The surfaces may be converted to an implicit form for ray tracing.

superred, supergreen, superblue n. : The mathematically defined primaries of the CIE color space. These primaries cannot be realized as physical colors because they would require the equivalent of negative intensities of spectral color components, but they serve as useful abstractions by which any real color can be specified as having components of these three super primaries.

supersampling n. : Reducing aliasing and subpixel occlusion errors by computing multiple sample points within a pixel, and assigning the appropriately weighted average of thc subpixel values to the pixel : OVERSAMPLING. Also, supersample v.i. : to antialias by supersampling.